Is Hiring A Realtor Worth the Money?

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Most people who have bought or sold a home can instantly recall the relationship they had with the realtor they worked with. There are some who keep in touch, and are considered a friend. There are others who are top of mind when it comes to referring services. Sometimes when I hear people talk about the real estate transactions they’ve had, it sounds as though they resent the commission that their real estate agent made on the sale. These kind of comments make me wonder one of two things: 

Maybe they didn’t feel that their real estate agent was working hard enough and perhaps their home was on the market for longer than they expected. 
Maybe the sale happened so quickly that they felt that the commission was undeserved.

Either way, it seems like a good topic for discussion, and here are some points to consider when determining the value of your real estate agent. We are professionals who make our living bringing buyers and sellers together to facilitate mutually satisfying real estate transactions. A real estate agent plays an important role in representing your interests, either as a buyer or a seller. Here are a few reasons why hiring a real estate agent is standard practice, and how we earn our commission:

1.       Our experience means we know what to look for and where to find it. You don’t have to spend your time researching the market or strategizing ways to get your home sold. From our first meeting we can begin to use our knowledge to help you reach your goal. We have information about listings that are not advertised or ones are coming up and not available to the public.

2.       We field the calls, and pre-qualify those who actually come to your home to have a look so that you don’t have to. We give you the advance notice you require so that you don’t have to meet and greet, answer questions, follow strangers as they look through your house, or read up on salesmanship.  We provide a trustworthy presence, and can let ourselves in and out, with minimal inconvenience to you.

3.       When we show your home, we get honest first-hand feedback from potential buyers. This kind of objectivity is valuable to getting your home sold.

4.       We do the advertising for you. We know what selling features are in demand, and how to make your home look as attractive as possible. We have the professional tools to put your home in the best light.

5.       We are skilled negotiators and can recognize opportunities to create mutually beneficial outcomes. We understand the process, the legalities, and with many similar transactions to our credit we work on your behalf to bring you offers that get the best possible returns for your investment.

If you’re wondering if now is the right time for you to buy or sell your home, I hope you’ll give me a call. I will do my best to help you reach your real estate goals as quickly as possible and to make your real estate experiences positive.

Long Term Planning Means Long Term Value

When it comes to choosing a place to call home, those who buying a house or property are looking for opportunities that have the potential to hold their value.This extends beyond the legal land descriptions and the features of their home. They're also investing in a  lifestyle that holds its value over time, and regional planning plays an important role in this. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these images of the beach access trails in Powell River really say it all. But I still can't share pictures like these without saying something about the regional planning strategy here in Powell River and how much it contributes to our community.

Maintaining public beach access, especially in place as extraordinary as this, is a long-term investment that looks beyond the interests of a few. We all know of communities where the the beach front is developed so that only those who can afford to purchase waterfront property can fully enjoy it. Here in the Powell River area, the Green Space Plan has designated 19 beach access points made available between Powell River and Lund, as well as on Texada and Savary Island. As you can see from these photos and the video below, these sites are beyond beautiful. Each was carefully chosen to ensure that it offers recreational value, enough parking to support pedestrian access, and avoids disturbing sensitive ecological areas. 

Access to scenic areas like these create fantastic memories to share with family and friends.They are a photographer's paradise, a soul searcher's solace, and a well of inspiration for your creativity. Powell River has much to offer for recreational enthusiasts, and with a system of trails that let you choose to explore on foot, on a bike, or in a canoe or kayak.The most amazing thing is that when Powell River is your home, these trails are accessible to explore on any given day. 

Interested in seeing what homes are available in your price range? Give me a call, and take a tour.

Meet Chris - Fisherman, Realtor and Property Manager

Chris Carlos Powell River Fishing Report REMAX Realtor

Finding a place you can call home, that truly feels like home is the goal of every family. It needs to be a place that provides the space and comfort for your family to thrive and give access to the amenities and resources you need. For some families, finding a home with a heated workshop is more important than having a coastal view. For others having that extra bedroom will make life much more peaceful than having a garden area. As both a Powell River Realtor and Rental Specialist, helping my clients find the right place to call home is a lot like fishing!

I love fishing, and am an avid salt water boater. Five years ago I started the Powell River Fishing Report, because I wanted to be on top of all the local hot spots, and know what fishing gear was getting the best action. Since then, the report has gathered over 1600 followers and gives locals up to date information about Powell River fishing, prawning, crabbing, boating, and safety tips. It's a page that promotes local shops, and lets people know what's happening. Through the report, I also hold 4-5 "Friday Night Fishing Derbys" each summer. These are a quick, inexpensive, and fun way to fish for a few hours, and have a chance at winning a locally sponsored prize. As it turns out there, there are many people in Powell River who love fishing as much as I do.

There's another reason I put together this free fishing information. It's because communities are built on shared experiences like these that extend the feeling of home beyond the walls of your home. It builds the kind of memories that today's growing families need to feel connected to each other. If you're looking for a home  or wanting to know where the fish are biting this week, drop me a line!  Sharing my favourite fishing spots is my way of "sharing the wealth". Living in Powell River is an incredible experience, and when you live in a place that's surrounded by so much natural beauty, you just can't keep it to yourself.