Long Term Planning Means Long Term Value

When it comes to choosing a place to call home, those who buying a house or property are looking for opportunities that have the potential to hold their value.This extends beyond the legal land descriptions and the features of their home. They're also investing in a  lifestyle that holds its value over time, and regional planning plays an important role in this. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these images of the beach access trails in Powell River really say it all. But I still can't share pictures like these without saying something about the regional planning strategy here in Powell River and how much it contributes to our community.

Maintaining public beach access, especially in place as extraordinary as this, is a long-term investment that looks beyond the interests of a few. We all know of communities where the the beach front is developed so that only those who can afford to purchase waterfront property can fully enjoy it. Here in the Powell River area, the Green Space Plan has designated 19 beach access points made available between Powell River and Lund, as well as on Texada and Savary Island. As you can see from these photos and the video below, these sites are beyond beautiful. Each was carefully chosen to ensure that it offers recreational value, enough parking to support pedestrian access, and avoids disturbing sensitive ecological areas. 

Access to scenic areas like these create fantastic memories to share with family and friends.They are a photographer's paradise, a soul searcher's solace, and a well of inspiration for your creativity. Powell River has much to offer for recreational enthusiasts, and with a system of trails that let you choose to explore on foot, on a bike, or in a canoe or kayak.The most amazing thing is that when Powell River is your home, these trails are accessible to explore on any given day. 

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